Letter: Adverse Effects of Internal Migration

Internal migration refers to the process of migration from one place to another within a country. Causes of internal migration are manifold including unemployment, lack of education in a particular place and most importantly poverty which is a push factor, compelling people to migrate from one place to another in search of a better life or livelihood.
According to census 2017, there has been a rapid increase in urban settlement in the country. Similarly, the poverty-stricken province Balochistan has also been affected by internal migration. Turbat remains a central city in Makran Division and it is mostly settled by internal migrants. Migrants are employed on a meager daily wage and exploited by forcing to do untrained labor work.
I request the government of Balochistan to pay heed on this grave issue so that increase in further unemployment and burden on resources of the province as well as cities, which are affected by internal migration, may be averted.
Adnan Dost – Kech
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