New Chief Minister Balochistan Criticized for Scoring one Percent Votes in 2013 Elections

Quetta: Newly elected Chief Minister of Balochistan Quddus Bizenjo has been criticized for being elected as CM while only scoring 1.18 percent of registered voters in 2013 general elections.
Quddus Bizenjo was elected CM of Balochistan on Saturday after the office of CM was declared vacant on 9th January owing to the resignation of Sanaullah Zehri.
Quddus Bizenjo contested elections for the provincial assembly seat from Awaran which is called PB-44. In those elections the total number of registered voters in PB-44 was 57,666 and only 672 valid votes were casted. Quddus Bizenjo won the elections was scoring 544 votes in that election. Votes of Bizenjo make up a mere 1.18 percent of total registered votes of PB-44 in 2013.
As soon as the name of Quddus Bizenjo was confirmed as a candidate for CM of Balochistan, people criticized his choice as CM owing to the low percentage of votes bagged by him in 2013.
Detractors argued that scoring 1.18 percent of the registered votes does not make him a representative of the people of that constituency. They said that the low margin of votes bagged by Bizenjo does not make him a democratically elected CM of Balochistan.

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Adnan Aamir is founder and Editor of Balochistan Voices. He also contributes for The News, The News on Sunday and Newsline Magazine amongst others as a freelancer. He has completed Chevening South Asian Journalism fellowship from the University of Westminster.