Political Black Hole in Balochistan

Saddam Shah
While a no-confidence motion is being submitted as per constitution, signed by fourteen members of the provincial assembly of Balochistan, to recall existing Chief Minister, Sanaullah Zehri and his cabinet, it was followed by news that Home Minister, Sarafaraz Ahmed Bugti has decided to step-down from the cabinet then after a while, Minister of Fisheries, Mir Sarfaraz Chakar Dhomki sent his resignation letter to the CM and later also flourished a rumor that Jangayz Marri (also spelled Chengez) may also quit his ministry.
There are also voices that claim the dismissal of Home Minister by the CM that the former has denied in a tweet and confirmed that he had sent his resignation in afternoon. Though the initial known reservations, made by BNP, JUI-F, PML-Q, ANP, MWM and Khalid Langove are regarding blockade of funds and some other commitments that have not been fulfilled by the CM and his cabinet. Some sources even claim that federal government has suggested the CM, to dissolve the assembly, which could be a political crisis in the province. As, within this week the motion would be either passed, drawn back or rejected and Quetta would be politically active the most after such sudden happenings as the CM has started to meet his coalition partners, remembering the governor rule imposed in Balochistan at the end of previous PPP’s tenure in Balochistan, as well.
There are some fifty-three members in the PML-N lead coalition government among a total of sixty-five and thirty-three votes are required to pass the motion, submitted by fourteen members.
Whether this all is a coincidence or planned moves, is hard to know but a fact is that PML (N) in Balochistan has no ideological roots and vote bank,  as it has the largest majority in the provincial assembly, even not enough to win a single seat unless joined by opportunists, having vote bank in their respective areas with a back support, indeed, who bargain on their independent loyalty for being the part of government, which is evident from the fact that insurgency going on in majority Baloch areas has provided comparatively majority seats to PML-N in 2013 and to PPP (P) in 2008, and that is, obviously, an unambiguous contradiction to the ground realities.
Though Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) has vowed to stand by the chief minister of PML-N as a trustworthy coalition partner, And while National Party (NP), another coalition partner, has also stood by the CM but among the signatories, Khalid Langove, only leader of the National Party (NP) and former provincial Finance Minister, has also signed the motion with all the members of PML-Q.
As, it is the end of tenure for present government and most probably that some politicians would change their sides, as per predictions for general elections 2018. But the question ultimately comes to stand on a political stalemate of the actual interests of people of Balochistan, which are at least, not represented by the politicians belonging to other parties of the center, in general, and that is why many independently elected members of the legislative house opt their parties later to avail incentives by sitting on treasury benches.
This sort of provincial politics step-side long-term vision and genuine political concerns of the province and based on short-term and narrow interests, realize to the federal government and their parties of no real on-ground issues, which is, basically, making other fools or blind but it also suits the interest of government-making party and knowingly, such compromise is done.
So, political issues are undermined in this way and that escalates concerns even furthermore like filling a larger balloon that hides much but can burst anytime, soon.
2017 was a year, in which the province had an alarming surge in violent activities despite many efforts and surrendering of guerrilla fighters by the law enforcement agencies and the governments, as defended. It was predicted that after making a hard choice and announcing CPEC for strengthening national economy and development of the country, defiance would rise because of external factors, so, there needed more vigor and dedication to deal such expected rise of problems even before, particularly in security realm, and the recent attacks on Frontier Corps and one in December on a Church could also be some indicators that should be considered equally.
Taking extreme positions by both the military and insurgents in absence of political dialogue and presence of opportunist politicians, enjoying luxurious incentives and remaining as silent spectators, would possibly lead the province to more bloodshed and chaos and the country could lose a prevailing optimism.
There is a separatist movement, which is based on historic political concerns, then there is exploitation by foreign countries that would be tried to touch a peak and maximum limit due to regional and geopolitical insights on the current developments in the region and then there comes a security issue of terrorism in the province, leading to security-centric approach only in absence of political solution and that is where political problem goes into a black hole in the province.
On one side, Balochistan having Gwadar, as a key node for CPEC, while on another hand, its insurgency for more than a decade has yet not been resolved, neither militarily nor politically.
Challenges could be taken as golden opportunities, where politicians from the center and province, should recognize non-opportunists to be engaged in mainstreaming the insurgents through political dialogue to seek political solution for the prolonged insurgency and then combinedly back the military to combat the foreign motivated agendas in the province, who are supporting to sabotage the national development of the province and country, by targeting vulnerable province of Balochistan.
The writer belongs to Quetta and He is Studying Defence and Strategic Studies at QAU, Islamabad. Area of Interest of the writer includes Politics and Socio-economics developments of Balochistan, South Asian Politics, Non-State Actors, Terrorism and CT strategy, Globalization and Cyberwarfare. Follow him on Twitter @Saddam_Shah98. Email: sadamrahro@gmail.com  
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