Rifts in Government of Balochistan

Fazal Ameen Kakar
After the General Elections of 2013 PML-N, NP and PKMAP set up their coalition Government in Balochistan. It was decided earlier that Dr. Malik will remain CM for 2 and a half years according to Murree accord which completed in December 2015. However D. Malik handled the disparity between coalition with the friendly manner, but somehow issue raised by oppositions that CM did not paid attention toward the fund of opposition Sincerely.
When Sardar Sana ullah Zehri took his Office of CM, First He was warmly welcomed by all the Provincial members as a new CM of Baluchistan. However after some months the members of the coalition government themselves got engaged with trouble as the news break that a secretary of treasury arrested by NAB over corruption charges as one of the adviser of Finance Khalid Langove was also arrested on charges of corruption.
First there was differences over the distribution of Ministries which engaged them more than a half year, later they managed and balance the dissimilarities. Second was Public Fund of their respective areas, in July 2017 such issue took place when the ruling parties indulges over the distribution of Funds as PKMAP and Muslim League N not in Favor to give the Public Fund to some NP MPA and to the opposition leaders.
According to detail On Tuesday Morning the opposition members of the provincial assembly along with the former Provincial deputy speaker Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo moved a resolution under article 136 of the constitution of Pakistan, for a vote of No Confidence against the Chief Minister of Baluchistan. It is reported that the blockage of Public Funds fuel the fire, some report says that some member of the government also given the green signal to the rebel group.
On the same day a member of Muslim League and a Provincial Minister Mir Sarfaraz Domki has resigned, some sources also claimed that a Provincial Interior Minister Mir Sarfarz Bugti has also given the indication for the resignation there must be a reason behind this but let’s wait for upcoming days. Interestingly what we are observing the timing of resignation from the ruling Ministers of the Government, on the other hand, coming Election for Senate it’s better to wait what really is cooking. But is there any chance to set up the new alliance to for the emergence of the new government? Why these disparities raised now? Who actually ruled over the Government?
The Writer is Native of Zhob of Balochistan and has graduated from the University of Punjab. He can be reached on twitter @IMFazalAmeen
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