BMC Entry Test: A Failure of Balochistan Government or HEC?

Palwasha Khan
February 04, 2018, morning 10 am, there was a huge crowd approximately ten thousand students in front of University of Balochistan. At first glimpse it looks that a group of students protesting against UOB but in reality they were the pre-medical students, the future doctors and scholars of Balochistan who were waiting for the entry, not waiting for the entrance of examination hall but waiting that the security man open the only single entrance gate of the university (at that moment used for students entrance) and allow them to enter in to the university so that they can find a way toward the hall where their roll number has been glued. Even few students waited more than one hour in front of university gate.  Inside of university due to mismanagement, it looks that future doctors are pulled in to a jail where they are quarrelling and snatching the title of future doctors from each other.

Students waited more than one hour in front of university gate for entry tests

In this debauched way, the government of Balochistan and HEC welcome the future doctors of Balochistan.
Now the question is what was the position and role of HEC and Government of Balochistan in this medical entry test?
Why there were mismanagement and negligence on the part of HEC?
HEC has failed to manage only few thousand students of Balochistan and it was unsuccessful to conduct a noteworthy academic test because in the examination hall (UOB Expo centre) students were busy in talking, cheating, using mobile and even students were performing duty as an invigilator and helping their dearest students in solving the papers. Few students tried to stand against it but they were threatened and said to them to be quiet otherwise their paper will be taken. This is an educational enemy’s act of the higher educational managing institute of the country towards the educationally backward province of Pakistan. The way the medical entrance test of Balochistan Medical colleges has been conducted by HEC, it marks the future of Balochistan darker to darkest and deprived a number of deserving intellectuals of their rights.

In the examination hall, students were busy in talking, cheating, using mobile

The next point; why there was the absence of security from the sideways of the government of Balochistan?
Was government of Balochistan waiting for one more attack like 8th August lawyers attack?
At this occasion, thousands of students can lose their lives in one bomb blast and open fire attack incident, and then all the government politician stance will be only to celebrate a “Black Day” for these martyr future doctors like APS students.  And the amount of money will be given to their family to shut down their mouth. In this way government of Balochistan gave a clear chance to terrorist to eradicate the thousands future scholars and doctors of Balochistan along with their family members and a free hand to HEC to assassinate the medical merit in Balochistan, and create an educational chaos in Balochistan.
So, today BMC test putting a number of big questions from the side of medical students and their parents who are the evidence of the whole situation;
Is this the security emergency of the government of Balochistan?
Is this the educational development in Balochistan?
Is this the future of Balochistan?
Is Balochistan going forward or backwards?
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