Islamabad Sit-in Protestors Deceived by Government?

Habib Ullah
Protestors of Mehsud tribe and others Pashtun tribes held a sit-in at Islamabad to demand the arrest of encounter specialist SSP Rao Anwar and also to release all other Pashtuns who were arrested without due process. Unfortunately, the protest ended without any reform. Engineer Amir Muqam betrayed the people of Jirga and ended the protest.
The people put some demand which is out of logic. The Supreme Court took Sou moto notice already against the Rao Anwar then why the Pashtuns led the protest. If their demand was the justice for Naqeeb Ullah, why they ended the protest without justice? They put the demand of arresting Rao which was already in action. Amir Muqam betrayed the People of Jirga by giving them a Cadet College which will be named after Shaheed Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud and they ended the protest.
As they would not give permission to Saleem Safi to address the gathering, similarly, they should also not have given the permission to Advisor of PM of Pakistan. Amir Muqam did not do anything new. He only convinced the people that we will admit your demand. The demand which was put by the members of Jirga was nothing new.
In my view, they should put the demand before the PM that barred the step-mother treatment with Pashtuns. In addition to it, they also put the demand that all innocent arrested without due process should be released. Another demand they put before the Supreme Court that releases an order of arrest of Rao Anwar anywhere in Pakistan not only in Sindh.
I am giving a suggestion to Manzoor Pashtun that as for I know the Government will do nothing because Rao Anwar is the friend of Zardari and Zardari has hidden him that’s why he will not come in the grip of Government. So lead a protest again and not admit any demand till Rao Anwar is arrested. Also, add another demand of all other Pashtun brothers release from illegal custody. All the people in your protest are students and they are highly qualified so you can do anything which you demand.
The writer is a student of B.A Honors in GCU Lahore.
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