Letter: Reopen Post Office of Mand

Mand’s Post Office has been closed since 2007 till now and its building is completely destroyed. The people of Mand are facing problems and they are compelled to travel 150 KM to Turbat for doing their minor works in Post Office.
Recently, the Matric students of Mand have faced the same problem while they went for receiving their slips cards for the matriculation exam which is going to be held within this month. It has been a decade that people are facing this problem but no one took any actions for its construction and reopening it with full facilities. The governments of Balochistan seemed it like a dead grave who didn’t take it as a serious issue to provide the Mand’s people the opportunity to use the post office.
In fact, General Post Office (GPO) is very much necessary for every big city which is too considered as the fundamental necessity of the citizens but unfortunately, we are deprived of this facility due to our own government.
As being a student, I humbly request the Government of Balochistan and Policymakers to hear the poor voices of the people and re-open the Mand’s Post Office as soon as possible. So, that the coming generation must not tackle the same problem as we have been facing it from 2007 till 2018. We expect that the government will start its construction and reopen it very soon.
Shakeel Phullan – Mand (Kech)
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