Emancipation of Women in Balochistan

Yasmeen Baloch
Working women in Balochistan are deprived of a luxurious life, even though they work 24 hours and 7 days but are still underestimated and exploited. They are paid less wage as compared to their right and half of their salary is deducted and given to the capitalist class to be more rich and wealthier. This trend is continued in a working family from their parents till children.Their children have to face the same dread life. Due to capitalism, women are compelled to raise slogans as “Babies for sale”/”Life for sale.” According to the constitution, we are a free nation but the proletariat class is still slave of capitalism.
Lady health workers, who work with heart and soul, save millions of child from disabilities but they have to face the same situations, they are threatened by upper class, and sometimes killed or the lady resigns from the job because she feels her a menace for her future. Needless to say that the working class is the first one to suffer from the brutal attacks of capitalism. She is offered by precarious jobs due to her weakness. Not only capitalism, but she is also a slave of these so-called traditions and customs. Capitalism system has so much grip on a workers life that she cannot take decisions of her life herself.

“Karl Marx says: Freedom of women is impossible until the class system is a resistance, the social relations and man is not a resistance in her freedom”

It simply clarifies that women emancipation lies in socialism where she can be independent of anything, she will have the freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of life. Freedom of women is impossible unless she is politically active. When she becomes active in politics and she becomes aware of history and her rights so she will be free.
Our society has misunderstood the place of a woman, it was a time when it was said that Angel of a house is an absolute phenomenon but that statement still justifies the current situations of proletariat class in Balochistan. The Pashtoon and Baloch women are still jeopardized, exploited and deprived of their rights because capitalism has put them all in a prison where it seems difficult for women to survive. In Balochistan, a few women may be free, but the majority is still depressed with peril rules of society and they are frightened by the sinister traditions.They are still not given permission to choose the way of their life that they want to spend. They are still imprisoned by the so-called chains of tumult society that actually are meaningless and baseless. Following the false traditions satisfies the terms of society but that father, brother, husband welcome a slavery life full of false customs. They not only accept this trend but also give rise to capitalism too.
In Balochistan, there is no campaign and any step for the emancipation of women but 95% of the people are satisfied that emancipation of women lies in the socialist revolution because a women’s place is basically in a revolutionary struggle.
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