Search for Meaning of Life

Mehlab Kashani
What is life? What does it mean to live the life? What is the aim of my life? These questions troubled my mind and my enthusiasm for the answers of these questions increased. These questions seemed an Arcanum, which needed to be uncovered by me. Whenever I discussed these questions to any of my friends or with any cognoscente man, they would proclaim it as something fatuous. With passing days I become mournful that I won’t find any answer.
Now months has passed but I haven’t found any answer of the questions. Though I was searching on internet, reading books and reading daily newspapers but still I didn’t succeed. Now every passing second was stressful moment for me. The third question, I thought is something impossible to find as I thought my existence itself is aimless. It was like an encumbrance on my shoulders and I needed to take it off.
The following week, I had a plan with my friends to go to on a trip to Murree but before that I had a car accident and I couldn’t go. The death just passed away from me. I just felt the death so close that I’ve never imagined I would. The accident gave me my first answer that was” life is an experience in fact an incredible experience which is a mixture of all emotions with goal, frustration, support, deeds, and these all things come together in a single life. Every breath which we take in is a blessing. It is an experience which can be overwhelming and dreary. After that incident I understood that the answers of my questions aren’t in books or in internet. With the time and experience I will get to know my answers by myself.
Despite the fact that I was living my life, I wanted to know what it means to live it. I got my answer by observing the people around me, who were dealing with different problems. The answer was that it means to live and to enjoy every stage and to full fill our reason of being alive. Everybody has problems in their life but still they smile and are thankful for being alive.
When I got the answer of first two questions, I immediately got answer of third question. You don’t need to have a visible ability which can be your aim. I started to find that thing which made me happy or I was good in. Soon I found that my aim was to help others that made me happy. I started some projects which would help people financially and make them happy. Throughout my small journey of discovering myself, I realized that everything is a subject to a purpose. A magic dwells in your soul, waiting to be discovered.
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