Data Journalism of Balochistan Voices Acknowledged by GIJN

Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) has acknowledged the excellence of Balochistan Voices in Data Journalism. GIJN is an international association of nonprofit organizations that support, promote, and produce investigative journalism.
In a feature story titled “How Pakistani Journalists Subvert Danger — and the Narrative — with Data” GIJN praised the role of Balochistan Voices in employing Data Journalism as a tool to expose corruption and bad practices.
GIJN particularly mentioned the Data Journalism story of Balochistan Voices titled “Balochistan Government Builds Roads While People Sink Further into Poverty,” and termed it as an Indirect Assault on Corruption. GIJN also mentioned the Data Journalism story of Balochistan Voices on highway Accidents which resulted in the establishment of Trauma centers on highways of Balochistan.
GIJN article also appreciated the strategy of Balochistan Voices to expose the issue of corruption and bad governance in Balochistan by not exposing the corrupt actors but telling the stories of innocent victims.
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