Balochi: An Ignored Language of Rich land

Bilawal Ali Kanrani 
Mirror is the reflector when one wants to see oneself but it does not dissect the internal structure of body. Language, unlike mirror, more powerful tool which dissects the pros and cons of one’s culture and its values. Language is the real reflector of one’s society. Similarly, neglecting regional language means to strike out the nation from the pages of history.
According to a African Professor Dr. Mwangi wa Githinji, “Language is the carrier of cultures, library of ideas.” Similarly, language is the reflection of that specific society. A nation becomes nation just because of language. A language becomes source of promoting of one’s nation or make them alive. If one’s wants to know the nation, first understand their language. Likewise, if someone wants to destroy the nation, exclude language from their education curriculum. Historicist witnessed many nations have been vanished from the history when their mother tongue was not given respect and importance. A baby child born with voices, his mother understands those voices then feeds him. If there would be no voice, would it be possible for the child to survive? Answer is “No”.
The Balochi language is the language of poor people of the rich land. People who live on the Iran boarder speak Balochi language with different style and dialect with Persian touch. Those who reside in the Sindh speak Balochi with Sindhi touch. In the same way, Afghan side have a hint of Pashto language. A Balochi is not just a language rather than centuries of emotions and historical events reserved in its heart. Unfortunately, it has been observed that Balochi language suffered a lot due to unstable situation in the province. It has not been given the due position in the educational sphere, just it has become of language of home. Consequently, it has not been given place in the main stream of language means child born without language. Then he has no way to write or express his rights except shouting.  According to a report, Balochi language is a weak language which is under pressure. Till today, it has not become the language of politics and society.
Balochi literature has its own beauty like many other literatures of the world. It has diffused its fragrances in the heart of people who were living in the hut. The literature shows the simplicity of people which is the real essence of Baloch life. The Balochi literature has its own magic or attraction, packed with spiritual stories. Hani O sheh Mureed, Mast e Tawakli and sherin O Dostain’s love stories packed with emotions and catharsis, one baptizes oneself in the world of spiritual after listening them.  In the genre of poetry, Ibrahim Jawansal Bugti, an unmatched poet and master of spiritual lines. His lyrics are thoughtful and deep oceanic. Being an illiterate man, his poetry made literate people illiterate to decipher his thoughts. Unluckily, Baloch people are far away to understand the Balochi literature because it is not taught at college or school level.
Like other provinces, especially in Sindh, people are attached with their language and it is taught at elementary level. Sindhi language has become language of politics, society, powerful identity and medium of instruction in institutions. Researches are carried out on Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai, the greatest saint and a poet, in their respective language. It has, no doubt, achieved its position in the societal main stream, like Sindhi newspaper is widely published or read. It is commendable and highly appreciable. A child born in Sindh, is lucky enough that he has its own language, unlike a child born in Balochistan. He knows that he has his own language to color his own thoughts. His own language provides him sense of security and makes him feel to take long breath in open atmosphere.
Last but not least, candidates of competitive exam remain in a fix when they ponder on opting Balochi language as a subject. They don’t know how to write it and which dialect should be used in production form and majority of them cannot read Balochi language being a Baloch. This is the dilemma Baloch candidates are faced with.
Today, Balochi language has lost its language to yell for its Justice. A voiceless language of voiceless people. What seems real obstacle in developing the Balochi language, rich land, political situation or Baloch linguists.? John Milton says in his epic, ‘Of Mans First Disobedience, and the Fruit. Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal last Brought Death into the world’. Humanity suffered due to misconduct of Adam and Eve (According to Christianity), but Balochi language suffers due to.? Who is responsible to bring the language on the brink of collapse.? It is high time to revive our language, if not the nation would pay the high price for it.  This is a warning call for education sectors and syllabus designers that a child must be taught in his own language to remove the sense of insecurity. All regional languages, especially Balochi, must be promoted and facilitated in order to educate a child in a better way.
The language says, I am, therefore you are. So, language is innocent, and always innocents are punished. The Preamble of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, strongly voiced that regional language must be promoted and should be taught at primary level. A justice for the language.
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