Elections in Balochistan: The Way Forward

Saleem Javed
Balochistan is one of the rich lands of Pakistan, having all kinds of resources, facing a colossal challenges within and without. It plays a monumental role in shaping country’s future. No doubt, country’s future lies on transparency in the governmental dealings. But Alas! Balochistan lacks in transparency particularly in the time of election and in the context of good governance. In fact, accountability, transparency and equality before the law are well-known attributes of a good government. As John Fowels, The Aristos expounds that “Social stagnation is possible in extreme societies; extremely just or extremely unjust and that must lead to one of three things; war, decay or revolution.”
Balochistan government which is grappling with numerous challenges from all sides, is reeling crisis to crisis. It has miserably failed to improve its administrative structure due to unleashed corruption and election rigging. The past rigging in election put all into grief and despondency. There is no way left now until reform and change can bring new hope for the locality of Balochistan in upcoming election.
The approaching general election in Balochistan is not just about choosing a political party that promises the best change, but one that can solve some of the most pressing issues, particularly those impacting young citizens of Balochistan. It is encouraging that young people of Balochistan are also coming into politics.If there is no way of true and transparent election, there would be no youth in the next election. Because there is a great demand of transparency. Men, women belonging to different beliefs, religions, philosophies appearing on the election to give their fundamental right of vote, demanding for transparency. Most of the people were and are railing against injustices of past rigging but all in vain. Now the ball is on the election commission’s court and it should not allow what is against democracy and the law of the country.
If there is no true and transparent election, so there would not be democratic values across the province. Corrupt people cannot run the system in proper manner. They know how to win but they do not know how to run. State is not a state but a ground for corrupts who win but not with transparency. Government should realize the grim situation of Balochistan and give the best opportunities to young people who bring their own elected people. Balochistan should not be ignored lest it should mar the fortune of entire nation. There should be state not but the province has the first priority.
Rigging in election is what to wash the organs of the state with tricky and interest based practices, buttress the power of finance and mismatch the development of the country. Participation of youth in election is requisite for robust democracy. Educationalist institution and media must help young to develop political consciousness. The young voters want to turn the coming election into transformative opportunity.
What is troubling that the past election brought a sense of gloominess and chaotic environs in the mind of youth. If the young people lose their confidence and hope again, they will surely leave the track of being good citizen. So, there is too difficult to bring them into the democratic line. Indeed, there is no true democracy seems in Balochistan since long due to unimaginable rigging that brought the sense of fear and deprivation. Political parties should prioritize young’s demand and empower them to become a future leader.
Youth plays a crucial role in making a successful election campaign. But corrupt leaders are eating up the very vitals of democracy. They use the money for their winning election that is a slap on the face of democracy. Thus, Balochistan seeks clear and vibrant electoral system so as to achieve functional stability to up the fourth wall of the state by becoming equal to the nominated three; Punjab, Sindh and KP.
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