Letter: Cheating: A Curse

Cheating is like a drug which has prevailed and has deep roots in our country. It kills the skill and talent of students as it thwarts them from utilizing and knowing their mental approach and qualities. But it is regrettable to add that students have considered cheating their fundamental right. It is because of our educational system which is too weak to curb cheating and it doesn’t have proper policies. Students keep the only favorable option to cheat in exams when they are provided soft corners. As they believe that it is the only way to pass papers without any hindrance.
Recently, matriculation exams were held throughout Balochistan where students were seen cheating in the examination halls without any fear and hesitation. The same practice is being carried out in ongoing FA and FSC exams proudly. One wonders, what is the role of government and invigilators, who are deployed to invigilate and keep an eye on students in the examination halls? On the other hand, they themselves are seen assisting students in the provision of cheating material rather than stopping them. The question is, how long will this trend continue?
It is fact that our government and authorities concerned have never been serious on this grave issue, had they been serious, surely they would have eradicated cheating from the society. How can those students be knowledgeable who pass their papers by the help of cheating?
As a result, we fail to have qualified doctors, teachers, and philosophers and so on.
In addition, the role of teachers in this regard is very pivotal which is why they ought to perform their responsibilities honestly and prevent students from cheating in exams. Best of all, we should change ourselves first as it is said that charity begins at home.
It is to bring to the notice of the education department of Balochistan to take consolidated measures to overcome the grave issue and students are requested to say no to cheating. If we want to have a quality education system and intellectuals in our society, it is not possible unless we have a fair and transparent examination system.
Imran Umer – Hub
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