Caring KORT and Balochistan

Gulzaib Tareen
It was 1st May 2018 when we a group of university students left for Azad Kashmir to visit KORT. After a journey of about five hours we reached to summer capital of Azad Kashmir. Near the city we were welcomed by the authorities of Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT).
KORT is an international Islamic UK charity working in Pakistan. It was established by British Pakistani citizens after 2005 earth quake of Kashmir. It is a spacious parenting institute with modern facilities located in a green valley. There are separate hostels and academic facilities for both genders. The institution is secured by two administrative head offices one in Kashmir and other in UK, with the help of hundreds of cameras and security guards.
KORT has served its many students with independent and prosperous lives. Both curricular and co-curricular education, Psychological counseling, and complain encouragement are the most appealing features of KORT. It was revealed during interviews from students like Faheem, Laiba, Tamina that the future of every Musketeer (Name for KORT students) is bright. Sixteen years old Tamina who became orphan at the age of four in Kashmir earthquake rightly said that,” Humanity is a relationship independent of blood lineage.”
In KORT we all fellows were blessed with feelings of humanity independent of region, race and religion. But still I was missing something in my heart that there was a huge number of students and I have not found any student from Balochistan. At first place beyond natural disasters people of Balochistan continuously face the devastation of terrorism but still, we have lack of such institutions. It was applaudable that founder of KORT Ch. Muhammad Akhtar welcomed orphans up to the age of nine years from Balochistan. Well on part of KORT, it is best to accommodate orphans of Balochistan while the new government of province needs to consider the requirement of standard orphan houses as a priority.
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