Competitive Exam Aspirants must have Plan-B

Bilawal Ali Kanrani
‘This is my last-ditch attempt, I will kill myself if I couldn’t get through this time’. This heart-broken line from a young man who divorced himself from the societal life and secluded himself just for the competitive exam. There are many examples where young men want to overwhelm over their fate and fight a battle against their fate. Its human instinct to defeat his fate but sometimes fate wins the battle.
An achiever can never be struggler but a struggler is always an achiever because struggler always has craving for change in life. Similarly, human being has been given courage to fight till he embraces death. We always stick to the one-point agenda and serve our whole life on that cause.
However, the competitive aspirants always have appetite for status and play nerve game. They think that competitive exam is the moto of their life and it is the symbol of respect in the society. Society would not accept them without it and this germ is more dangerous. Moreover, it is everyone’s dream to catch the rank in Bureaucracy but sometimes it proves to be day-dream. Unfortunately, Opportunity always knocks the door but we do not welcome it, because we try to construct opportunity for ourselves. A burden of one’s own choice is not felt. We think it is best to made our own path rather than life given chance. It is said hit the iron when it is hot.
But we never thought of would happen if whatever planned to do, does go wrong. We never contemplated over what would be the repercussions if one could not get through the competitive exam? Even heard from aspirants that if one does not pass after three attempts then a decree must be issued that one can commit suicide. It was a suicidal sentence and negative approach towards life.  We always raise slogan ‘My life, My ways’ but sometimes our constructed path does not work, it all goes vain. Then we never pondered on, what should be done if my all efforts go ended smoke. One must try to avoid dancing with death.
Then we must have plan B. this is not a just formula for aspirants, it’s a life-saver formula in every walk of life. It is said ‘love conquers everything’ but I would say, ‘great plan and management can conquer everything’.
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