Tuition Mafia in Balochistan

Yasmeen Baloch
Students mostly spend six to seven hours in school. After school, they take tuition classes which are considered essential for gaining high scores in exams. After getting exhausted from school and tuition classes, either they go for language classes or seminary (madrassa). This whole process boggles their minds. And, either they forget to do their homework of school or tuition. Surprisingly, the very next day they are heartlessly punished and told to bring fine. The same process continues in language classes. Frustrated from this process, students fail to produce results during their studies.
Amongst thousands of schools, why do academies exist in such a high number? This question seems simple but it has affected the meaning of education. Current education system has brought the parents at such a stage that it is difficult to trust the institutions and teachers any more. Education system has gone through many drastic changes during past few years. Similarly, the tuition mafia has jeopardized the whole system as well as left authorities unanswered. It is a point to consider that without the concept of tuition there were a few schools but people received quality education before the concept of tuition emerged. Now-a-days there exist almost twenty plus schools and academies in one street yet parents do not get satisfactory result because of the failure of education system.
Tuition mafia is a proof that schools are failed to deliver results. Beside this, the captivating names and high fees of the schools have tricked and deceived many parents who put the future of their children at stake in the name of quality education. On the other hand, fee of academies have compelled the students to get engaged in part-time jobs in young age. These all issues seem hurdle in the way of providing quality education. In the name of quality education, the tuition mafia has worsened the education system. Teachers have taken the education for granted and academies are being opened in every nook and cranny just to make more and more money. Having the highest rank, tuition mafia has succeeded to convert education into a business.
Furthermore, it has now become crystal clear that the carelessness of government has given free hand to every individual to open academy and ruin the future of children. In fact, academies are playing with the future of students. Students are forced to do part time jobs; parents are getting poorer whereas the heads of the academies are growing rich day by day.
After sensing the gravity of the issue, the Government needs to take strict action against academies. Schools should be given more importance so that the burden of academic expenses could diminish. Academic culture has compelled the students to detest the word “Education”. It has paralyzed the whole education system. Tuition Mafia has become so important that it is now unavoidable to get the children enrolled in it. As it is the matter of education, the government needs to pay serious attention toward the improvement of education at school level. The budget for schools should be increased. In a nutshell, tuition mafia has blurred the views regarding education.
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