First National Social Media Convention of National Party Held in Karachi


Karachi: FirstNational Social Media Convention of National Party was held in Piler, Karachi,on 10th December. The convention was attended by the district office bearers of National party across the country.

Social media expert and digital strategist, CEOcampaignistan Farhad Jarrhal tutored the participants about Twitter, Facebook, other applications and threw light on positive role of it. He said that it was the world of Google and success was sure if preparation was well. He said that social media did a lot for the triumphs of Presidents Obama and Donald Trump. Through social media, a voter can easily be reached to convey his problems and get awareness with them.

“The state cannot progress without elimination of unequal resources and powers. 18th amendment strengthened the federating units and the country remained stable. Distribution of money can better be equalized by adopting of multiple-policy.” These words were shared by ex-chief minister Balochistan and current President of NP, Dr. Malik to the participants of national Social Media Convention’ at Piler’ Karachi.

Former President of National Party, Senator Mir HasilBizenjo, seasoned journalist Wusatullah Khan, Akther Baloch, Prof. TauseefAhmed Khan, Karamat Ali, senior vice president of NP, Senator Mir KabeerMohammad Shai, Senator Akram Dashti, Senator Mir Tahir Bizenjo,  secretary general of NP, Jan Buledi, Waleed Bizenjo, Fida Buledi, and digital media expert and strategist, Farhad Jarrhal spoke at the convention.

Speaking to the participants, Central President, DoctorMalik Baloch expressed that after 18th amendment Pakistan has moved forward to a just federation. The 18th amendment gave identity to the KP; powers of President were curtained; whereas, powers were transferred to the federating units by abolishing of “concurrent list”. He said that provinces were already master of their minerals but 18th amendment gave half of the share in oil and gas to them. He said that an ideology seeking to give powers to provinces prevails.He added that after a long political struggle, federating units achieved 18thamendment. He disclosed that 18th amendment was not sole in its nature but 110 articles were amended to shape it, and were passed.

Senator Tahir Bizenjo said that foundation of extremism was the laidin era of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq. After the Afghan Revolution, an organized system nurtured it. He said that winds of fundamentalism were flowing now to the Kabul and if these started to flow towards Islamabad then we would bear the brunt of it. He added that by power, not extremism but terrorist could be bridled. He told that Fascism dissipated Europe, Germany and Japan. If this was not controlled then our situation would not be better than Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. Teachers, guardians and salt of the earth have to play their roles againstthis.

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