Hazy Balochistan

Shafiq Zaib BALOCH
Balochistan! Yes, Balochistan, being a land of gold, copper and many more precious natural resources, it is full of pathologies and dismal episodes. It is very difficult to designate the touching moments of Balochistan in a few chapters. This land has become a market of tycoons where the internal and external powers are busy to dig its chest cleverly. Owing to the dearth of mismanagement the denizens of this land are facing countless problems.
Moreover, the stooge diplomats never look after the dilemma of the masses but filled their pockets. As the gone government, instead pointing out the complexities of the province they made assembly a ‘Dangal’ (wrestling arena) and never spoke on the issues. It was the fiasco of the untrained/unseasoned diplomats who never visited the affected areas of the province.
Similarly, look at the current performance of the diplomats, from Chagai to Gwadar, from Killa Abdullah to Lasbela and from Zhob to Dera Bugti, reveals that current diplomats as a whole is in deep slumber.
Dear Chief Minister of Balochistan, the arrangement of Jeep racing competition never overcome the exacerbated pains of Gwadar’s youth. They never dream to buy unaffordable jeeps to become race champion but they want paramount facilities of life such as pure water, technical education, health facilities, and jobs.
Turn to Raskoh, it has been dubbed Pakistan as an atomic power but burnt itself after the explosion. To be noted, Raskoh is pressed and suppressed due to the critical syndromes, scarcity of clean water and numerous further pivotal amenities soon after the hazardous big bang. The wounds of Raskoh remained wounds no one is ready to heal up the longstanding lesions of blaring Raskoh.
On the other hand, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) mega project is termed one of the great game changer projects and which is rewarded to China. Ironically, China does not love Baloch or Balochistan-it is merely interested in the strategic land of the Baloch.
Moreover, numerous countries dream to trade with Pakistan and hope in future the CPEC game changer project would drive out the masses of Balochistan from poverty and prehistoric era. Since ages, the role of media is extremely ugly in the Balochistan and they never bother themselves to visit the affected areas. No doubt, media is being considered the mirror of the world but they forgot their responsibilities from a few decades.
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