Letter: Teacher Associations Destroying Education in Kachhi District

Teachers throughout the world are considered to be the cornerstones of development and prosperity. But, unfortunately, here comes the District Kachhi of Balochistan, where teachers, who are considered to be significant pillars of progress, are engaged in feuds based on personal interests. The teachers of this district, unluckily are divided into two Associations; being stiff opponents of one another. Even in few cases, these feuds are so harsh that teachers of one association refuse to teach in schools where rivals are teaching.
This grave situation is gradually destroying the future generation of this district; by remaining hurdle to a full-fledged educational system. The simple question which arises here is that how would you expect a quality education for children in a territory where the ambassadors of education themselves are engaged in fights and making transfers along with salary blockages of each other norm of the day.
So I, on behalf of my fellow residents of this district, request the authorities and especially these two useless teacher associations to shun the wars basing on their personal interests, and start sowing the seeds of peace and tranquility; for god sake, your personal wars are destroying your very own future generation.
Akhtar Baloch – NUST
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