Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Balochistan Voices?
Balochistan Voices is a non-profit English-language online newspaper. Apart from news and feature reporting, Balochistan Voices also publishes opinion articles, editorials, letters to the editors and blogs.
2) Why the name Balochistan Voices was chosen for this media outlet?
The name of Balochistan Voices was inspired from Global Voices which is a global team of volunteers which publishes news and views online. Balochistan Voices expects to do the same for Balochistan which global voices is doing for the globe. In future to come, Balochistan Voices plans to be upgraded to Pakistan Voices when it’s able to expand its scope from Balochistan to entire Pakistan.
3) Why was Balochistan Voices established?
Balochistan Voices was established to highlight news stories which are usually ignored by the mainstream media of Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular. This media outlet was formed as an alternative platform where news and views about Balochistan can be published.
4) How Balochistan Voices works?
Balochistan Voices relies on the contribution of volunteer writers from across Balochistan who report issues from their districts. These issues are then published on Balochistan Voices and shared on the extensive social media network of Balochistan Voices.
5) Who runs Balochistan Voices?
Balochistan Voices is run by a dedicated team of youngsters under the leadership of Adnan Aamir. Click here to read about the details of all team members of Balochistan Voices.
6) Which areas are covered by Balochistan Voices?
At the moment Balochistan voices covers almost anything related to Balochistan except the controversial security matters. Focus of reporting of Balochistan Voices is on the socio-economic issues of the province.
7) How Balochistan Voices cover its expenses?
Balochistan Voices covers its expenses mainly from the donations that it receives from its readers. Apart from that the team members of Balochistan Voices also contribute towards expenses of the organization from their personal incomes.
8) Can I work or write for Balochistan Voices?
Yes, Of Course. Balochistan Voices is always in search of enthusiastic people who want to work for this organization. Click here to read the details of how you can join Balochistan Voices.
9) Will I be paid for writing for Balochistan Voices?
Balochistan Voices due to its limited resources do not pay its contributors for routine reporting and opinion contributions. However, Balochistan Voices pays for the news stories and opinion articles which it has commissioned to the writers. Normally assignments are commissioned to those writers who have worked with Balochistan Voices as a volunteer for reasonable period of time.
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