People of Turbat Deprived of Parks

Turbat has an approximate population of 1.2 million and it’s the third largest city in Balochistan. However people of this city are deprived of a major source of recreation in the form of Parks.
Parks are necessary for good health where people can walk and exercise in morning or evening time. Parks can be helpful for making the city greener, which helps in producing more oxygen. There will be more space in the area and atmosphere will be pleasant.
Turbat city has just two parks which were constructed more than sixteen years ago. One is college Road Park and the other is Education Four Way Park. These parks are almost non-functional due to lack of government attention.
One of the parks, educational four ways equipment such as swings, slides, seesaw, Merry-go-round had been stolen just due to the lack of interest and attention of the local government.

Recreational equipment from educational four Ways park had been stolen due to lack of interest of local government.

Local people, social activists and civil society members are also guilty for this issue who remained silent.
In the present time the educational four ways park is no more, the land of that park had been given to Balochistan industry a long time ago.
Government had constructed the Balochistan Industry office building there. Now, the industry office work has been initiated.
On the second hand, the college road park is little bit better than the educational four-way park. It has grassy but most of equipment’s are missing. As well, there was a water pool that was the beauty of park with night-lights. However, right now that is just a dry pool. At nighttime, it was full of lights. Now there is just darkness.
Nevertheless, it is not as that it was before when many parents with their kids visited at evening time. It is not being watched out by local government. No doubt, if government would not take interest on this issue then there will be no parks in Turbat with the passage of time. It will be a tough time for new generation who will suffer.
Local people, social activists and civil society members need to realize their responsibility and should urge the government to take prompt action to maintain existing parks and establish new ones.
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Sami Parvez belongs from Kech district of Balochistan. He has contributed news stories for different online newspapers and print magazines. He covers Kech district for Balochistan Voices.