Reflections from Forman Christian College

QayyumAbdul Qayyum Achakzai
I think if you have made an art piece then its interpretation should depend on the spectator, as for some it would mean something and for others something else. My work is about my day to day experiences, what I see is what I produce, I intend on bringing out the extraordinary in the ordinary. What I really want to share my experience which I gain throughout my five years experience at FCC (Forman Christian College, Chartered University) Lahore.
Sometimes people don’t notice tiny things, which have a very negative impact on the intellectual growth of a person. The issue with us that we are still struggling to built a society that let the people to live for a productive means but unfortunately we fail to know the basic that needs to be understood. We don’t know how to talk each other and get into a productive conversation, which could end up with a beautiful solution. Just want to express through a political conversation that we usually observe in the universities of Pakistan. We have made ourselves too much enigmatical, When we talk in a conversation about a political party and their leadership, we have seen the reactions; even we started to abuse each other. We are not letting each other to explore to the reality.  In redemption we are awarded with “RED CARDs” from each other. We have made ourselves not the members only but you can call us “MUREED”. Alhamdulillah we have the capability to depend every stance of our party whether it is wrong or right, even it is against in the interest of the nation. You will find such ideologues in abundance in every party.
The other main important point is that we always indulge in a debate with each other, till now we failed to make a difference between debate and dialogue, while debate ending always resulted in expressing a harsh language for each other, like many of us still following the same trend of point scoring, to put one down in exchanging such kind of words, which is even not in best interest of the issue but it got personal, in the end we failed to give a solution to the purpose we have set on for. On the other side Dialogue is most important and only option which is very crucial, when everyone gives its opinion and brought a conclusion to the purpose of issue. We need to understand each other and respect each other opinion and create a environment in which difference of opinion should be accepted, yes if you have any issue or reservation on something, convince each other with logics, while living in the era of scientific world, we need to bridge this huge gap, a much need improvement is needed.
So hence if we failed in managing it now, it would be panic, we didn’t take the chances we need. So it would be better to learn how to deal with people, particularly when you are in a university, that has too much diverse environment, each person  has a different ethnic and religious background. I hope that we don’t have a single bit of talent left that we didn’t use it, the right time is now for each student, use it now.
Writer is a Native of Chaman, Balochistan. Currently enrolled in BSc (honors) Political Science and Mass Communication at Forman Christian College (Chartered University) Lahore.
Twitter: @aqachakzai
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