Letter: Unemployment in Balochistan

Unemployment in Balochistan is a flourishing concern being confronted by every educated individual who has become the prey of this terrible predator since years due to the corrupt governments and politicians.
Newly elected political parties during their reign only provide jobs to those who are their kiths and kins or to those who are wealthy people who grease the palms of the impartial agents of the corrupt politicians by giving massive prices. In fact, the main reason which makes the deprived people commit crimes is unemployment.
In addition, government jobs are announced very rarely. But unfortunately, no sooner departments announce jobs then the game of bribery and nepotism begins. The capable and confident students have remained unemployed and it is a widespread estimation that in Balochistan gaining education is useless.
Along these lines, the Federal government and authorities concerned are requested to take stern and concrete actions for these illegal appointments immediately and move these youth of Balochistan to aspire for a better way of life.
Zeehsan NasirTurbat
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