We failed to Save Rehan Rind

Munaj Gul Baloch
We are living in a society where the individuals are being treated as if they are animals, and no one is aware about the second person whether he is facing any problems or not. Even though there are some Baloch who don’t have a single rupee to buy food to eat for three time of a day not only the people who do not have money to buy meals, but there are also some more children that they can’t have anything to pass their lives.
As a matter of fact, our government has failed to protect its citizens. They are dying because of not having money to go to the doctors for the treatment. Alas! I am shocked to mention that Balochistan being the richest province of Balochistan, has no value of peoples’ lives and she is being the well off province of Pakistan, but cannot save a single person life.
Correspondingly, in Balochistan there is no value of poor people who are dying with hunger and other injustice things. Rehan Rind, a twenty one year old student of Karachi University belonged to Khuzdar district of Balochistan where our CM lives. He lost his precious life because of blood cancer before two months he was affected, but neither the government of Balochistan supported the boy to save neither his life nor the other leaders of Balochistan.
As our politicians do not keep any responsibilities to assist the citizens of Balochistan. In Balochistan there is no value of life and has great value of money if someone has money he does what he wants, if not then die with the poverty.
Alas! We lost Rehan because of money and the government who is the main responsible of his precious life and soul. Where is our Balochi? Where is the humanity? Where is our government? That she cannot save a person’s live then how she can save the life of its citizens. This is the time to make the Baloch people safe and sound from crummy pros and cons.
Moreover, for a small disease our leaders go abroad for their treatment by investing more than millions, but they cannot donate single rupees when it’s citizens are victims of any kinds of fatal diseases. In everyday the poor people are dying, due to poverty and discrimination, the sons and daughters of our leaders are visiting country to country to enjoy their lives, but the poor people are crying to need help from the government but she is asleep.
Since a long time poor people are being poorer and rich are getting richer which is really pathetic. We are losing thousands of daughters and sons like Rehan but still our government is asleep. No doubt if a small infection like flu affects the politician then they are on the headlines of the newspapers and media channels.
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