Appalling Literacy Situation in Balochistan

Irfan Akbar
Education is the primary ingredient for the development of any society. Denial of its importance and thinking to gain progress and development is just like building the castle in the air.
In spite of declaring an educational emergency in Balochistan, nothing seems in practice there. The abysmal state of education in the province is alarming. Only, through the standard and systematic education, we would be able to curb the menace of poverty and curtail the trend of exploitative child labor.
The standardized state of education is the only tool which can bring progress and prosperity in the province generally and in the country particularly.
In the fiscal year budget 2016-2017 the Government of Balochistan has been allocated a sound amount of Rs. 42.67 billion for education sector a 15% increase from last year’s allocation. The Balochistan government plans to establish three medical colleges in Khuzdar, Loralai and Turbat, respectively.
Despite all still, the literacy rate in Balochistan is lower as compared to other provinces of Pakistan.  As shown below:
Males 57.2% vs. Females 35.1% with a Female/Male ratio of 0.61;
Males 54.5% vs. females 35.8% ratio 0.66.
Males 51.4% vs. Females 18.8% ratio 0.37 and
Males 34.0% vs. Females 14.1% ratio 0.41.
According to a survey report the current literacy rate in the province stands at an abysmal 43%. It further stated that Male literacy rate in Balochistan is 55% and the Female literacy rate is just 25%.
For the improvement of the education sector in the province, the provincial government should have to utilize the allocated budget in a proper way. The concerned department must form the curriculum accordance with the requirements of the modern technological era. The technologically advanced and skilled human resource would likely bring a revolutionary change in the near future if the government realizes the importance of education and give all amenities to the education sector as early as it can.
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