Letter: Electricity in Makran

The initiative between Pakistan and Iran regarding increasing 30 MW electricity supply In Makran division is appreciable. Makran division has been suffering load shedding since regime of Dr. Abdul Malik the former Chief Minister of Balochistan.
Nevertheless, complete population of Makran division was having problems with respect to shortage of electricity whether elite class or ordinary citizens. According to the report of QESCO in Makran division there is the need of 100 MW to supply electricity to entire population.
The rural areas of Makran are facing load shedding in winter season. What to talk of the summer, at the arrival of summer season, load shedding in urban areas take place commonly and rural ones specially.
The government of Balochistan has done a magnificent job to involve the federal government for addressing the issue of load shedding in Makran division. Both governments provincial and central deserve appreciation for solving the issue of Makran division.
The masses of Makran division are extremely grateful to the government of Pakistan for increasing 30 MW from neighboring country Iran.
Hamid Ali NB – Turbat
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