Nationalist Parties in Balochistan: Empty Promises

Fazal Ameen Kakar
It was University busy days in November 2015. We were in Department, as usual a friend of mine came to meet when he closed to me hold my hand and turned to cafeteria. We sat together and ordered for a coffee suddenly the discussion started with the word Balochistan.
What really I feel to place the question is why we came here for Study? Fate takes us here, lack of Education in Balochistan or better Education was the key element which takes us here. The answer was for better Education really but how, does it not apply in Balochistan?
Before General Elections of 2013, I remembered the Slogan of Nationalist parties in Balochistan. Their first Priority was to facilitate the people of Balochistan in terms of better Education. Their mission was to enroll more children in School, they have also mentioned in their manifesto that they will eliminate cheating once they come in power. However some of them claimed they will connect Balochistan to Chashma barrage in terms of light connectivity which will accomplish the dispossession of Balochistan.
What we observed in last 3 and half years of Balochistan government? Did they succeed in their promise? Do they fulfill their faithfulness? Do they work according to their manifesto? Have they brought change in Health sector, have they eliminated cheating in Education sector? Have they handled the Corruption in a better way? Have they finished the target killing in Quetta? Before I judge all the answer let me put some of Example in different sectors apart from Quetta there is 16 hours loads shedding in others districts of Balochistan, we saw they have not brought change in health sector, MRI machines in BMC are non-functional for last 5 years. We have observed the Examination hall last year which was in full swing of cheating the major step toward corruption is In front of you as a provincial secretary was involved in a mega corruption case.
On 23 of November 2015 Pakistan institute of National Affair and Punjab University Lahore held a Seminar on Stability of Balochistan, Challenges and Facilities. Dr. Malik Baloch was Chief Guest of that seminar he endorsed that we have not facilitated the people of Balochistan in terms of Education and Health. Dr. Malik further added we are trying to accomplish corruption. He announced 300 laptops for the Students of Balochistan who are enrolled in University and make a strong promise that each individual will blessed with it. One year later they Students are still awaiting of their empty promise which I believe will not be met.
Writer is Native of Zhob Balochistan and Graduated from University of the Punjab Lahore.
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