Meaning of Life

Tahira Khan
19 June – The day started like any other day. I was done with my final exams and ready to leave for my hometown roundabout after six months. Home – a web knitted with threads of love and sheer kindness, where our foot may leave but not hearts. That day I woke up at dawn with a winged heart, paying gratitude and rejoicing peace. We always miss our home no matter where we are and what we are doing, for it is a symbol of love only. A long hectic journey comprising of 18 hours was waiting ahead for me. But, the good thing is that every journey enforces you to learn something apart from reaching the desired destination.
While at Daewoo terminal, I was having gossip and chit chat with my friends and after sometime we headed towards our destination. During that moment, a sudden thought hit me like a fierce and burning fire. “Why is this so?” said a mocking voice inside me. Why I have to live far away from home?  What is the meaning of life? How can purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction in life can be achieved?  How something of lasting significance can be achieved and why, sometimes, we feel so empty? These questions were just like a complex spider web uneasy to resolve or even to perceive. My head was spinning as thoughts which I had never entertained assaulted me like flames reaping out of fire. I always try to look on the optimistic side of life but this time literally, I was upside down. What have I accomplished up till now despite being enrolled in elite institutions? Nothing! Only the words, I was hearing made sense all else was just entertainment. I was looking at my friends helplessly and feeling suddenly sad. How could I make them understand when even mine inner conscience was unable to perceive of what was happening to me? Before that moment, I was so ignorant throughout my life. Everything seemed so funny for me. But it’s over now. I can’t go on wasting my life anymore and for that I have to find what actually is seeking me.
The pain of that long hectic journey compelled me to think. The question about the purpose of life was not easy to interpret and impossible if you have a non-serious attitude. Sometimes the required answer lies in the spoken question. We humans have at least one thing in common i.e pain which always contains a meaningful message hidden inside it. In fact we are not humans without other people and the real essence of life lies in serving humanity. Helping others is the only to get peaceful joy and satisfaction- the sole purpose of human life. If we are experiencing peaceful joy then it means we are very close to the very truth of universe. We all are parts of the only one soul. If one part is effected, the other can easily sense the repercussion.
This is surely my own of thinking and interpreting the meaning of life but it can’t be applied to everyone. Each one of us must go seek Great Perhaps because they have their distinct outlook and meaning of life which they try to bring in their lives.
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