Democracy: Worst of Best System?

Democracy is defined by different people differently, but it is well defined by Abraham Lincoln as “The government of people, by the people and for the people”. World super power is the flag bearer of democracy. They project democracy as a panacea for all problems. Americans consider democracy as the best form of government, therefore they want to propagate and impose it throughout the world. But Plato called democracy, worst form of government. The problem is, whether it is best or worst form of government?
Democracy is the form of government in which majority rules and minority suffers. Democracy is a form of government in which both literate and illiterate are equal and carry one vote. West was proponent of democracy and to counter west hegemony, USSR propagated the Communism. After the fall of communism in 1990, west celebrated its victory with great zeal and zest. West is trying to universalize their values by imposing them on the non-western societies irrespective of the fact that democracy cannot sustain and survive in these societies.
Democratic principles date back to the Greek era of philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. These scholars proposed ideals and principles on the foundation of which societies can be best governed. Plato proposed various forms of governments, of which democracy was one of them. West then inherited that knowledge and practiced it in their societies.
World is full of intellectuals and philosophers but are lacking the ability and capacity to think of a new system and a new form of government that is more suitable and society friendly than democracy. What has been imposed upon us, we accepted as, without looking deep into it, analyzing and criticizing and think of something better.
Homo sapiens are called crowns of creation. He has a constant habit of pursuing perfection. He is always trying for improvement and betterment. Nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has space for revamp and improvement then why not democracy?
Occident through orientalism instill and inculcate in our minds that democracy is the best form of government and it is the only way to development and prosperity. Here a simple question arises how the western came to know that democracy suits our societies? The only reason is democracy best serve their interests in the non- western societies.
Democracy is notorious for the tyranny of the majority. It makes majority oppressor and minority oppressed. Every decision is made according to the whims and wishes of the majority, irrespective of the minority reservations. Majority has the opportunity to exploit democracy for the sake of their vested interests at the expense of minority.
Democracy causes troubles in the communal societies for the community which is in majority has the right to impose its will on the minority in the shape of law. Taking the precedent of India where Hindus are in majority and Muslims are in minority. Both communities have different culture, traditions and religion. Cow is sacred for the Hindus while Muslims are permitted to sacrifice it. If Hindus formulate a law proscribing and banning the slaughter of the cow and urge that punitive actions will be taken against those who commit this crime. So, it will be tyranny of the majority. Many cases have been registered in which fanatic Hindus mob had lynched Muslims for slaughtering cow at their religious festivals. Sooner a law regarding banning of cow slaughter will be promulgated.
Taking the instance of Pakistan, which is composed of multi-ethnic society. Democracy is just procedural lacking the functional spirit. Each ethnic community supports and cast vote for the candidate of his/her own community irrespective of its competitiveness, and aptitude. A Punjabi votes for the Punjabi candidate, a Sindhi for Sindhi, Pashtun for Pashtun etc. which is against the essence of democracy. In such societies the community which is in majority wins the election. That is why it is impossible for a candidate from Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to become premier of the state because communities in these societies are in minority as compare to that of Punjab.
If we further narrow our debate to the case of the Balochistan where two major communities Pashtun and Baloch resides. A Baloch will never cast a vote for the Pashtun candidate and vice versa. Then how we can call it real democracy but superficial one. Sir Sayed Ahmed khan was a farsighted scholar and leader who recognized earlier that democracy cannot work in the subcontinent for it is composed of communities.
Democracy is better form of government for the west, for west is lacking communities and those people in non-western societies who are in majority for it allows majority to rule minority. On contrary it is worse form of government for those who are in minority because they are exploited and oppressed at the name of democracy. So democracy is best form of government for the west and majority communities while worst for the minority.
Writer is a student of school of politics and international relations in Qauid e Azam University Islamabad and hails from Loralai.
DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agrees with them.
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