Water Storage Facilities Project Concluded in Gwadar

Health & Nutrition Society (HnNutS) with collaboration of SGAFP-USAID successfully implementing project titled “Improving Water Storage Facilities in Union Council Nalaint through Construction of Surface Water Tanks” funded by USAID Ambassador Fund Program.
Under construction water Tank
This project was inaugurated in August 2016. The aim of the project was to improve storage of safe drinking water in six villages of Union Council Nalaint, villages namely Sar Kappar, Bagad Kappar, Mulla Qadir Bakhsh Bazar, Shakar Bal, Gurgejani Kappar & Bundi Kappar, Tehsil Pasni District Gwadar, through construction of 11 water storage tanks, which will ultimately benefit approximately 4,060 community members.
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Furthermore community sessions on health, hygiene and nutrition were also organized for raising awareness on glaring issues.
Completed Water Tank!
Gwadar is one of the district where water crisis always hits the masses due to no proper water management plan by the government. The people of UC Nalaint have appreciated this project which was the need of the hour facility and was demand for a long time.
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