Problem of Tobacco Smoking in Pakistan

Abdul Rehman 
World day of Counter-Smoking is being celebrated including Pakistan.  This year in2017, Pakistan has a major type cases in tobacco diseases.
According to a UN Institute for Health report, Pakistan is counted in countries where most of the victims of smoking, including heart disease, stroke and coconut, recorded most of the casualties. Goes away Not only this, Pakistan is counted around 15 countries in the world, where the production and use of tobacco is in the highest level, tobacco causes diseases and deaths.
According to Dr. Caesar Sajjad, former president of the Pakistan Medical Association, smoking causes a population of a large number of people, “Every year more than a million people suffer from smoking tobacco, which is cancerous. Suffer from death. They include mouth, throat, respiratory tract and lung cancer. While those who are accustomed of taking tobacco with tea or pan, they see the most, mouth, food gastrointestinal and cancerous diseases. “
Alcoholic drinking is also a form of smoking, which is unfortunately most attracting the youth.
According to Dr. Javed Khan, chairman of the Medicine Professor at the Agha Khan Hospital of Karachi and National Alliance for Tobacco Control, he briefs that there is a large number of smokers in the country, “according to a research, around 32% of adult male population involved in smoking cigarettes. While adult women are using cigarettes, 8% percent of the population. If we see the use of tobacco with pan, starch, gut or brown, almost 54% of the country’s population is suffering from this addiction.
Smoking is not done in the form of cigarettes. Drinking glass is also a form of smoking which is unfortunately most attracting the youth. According to Dr. Javed Khan, those who drink glasses cannot refuse to talk to them, despite the filter, they are entering into their body in the form of dangerous oxygen, “Whichever global experts are healthier, In the two big conference convention, it has agreed that drinking an hour glass is equivalent to drinking 200 cigarettes. The reason for this is that cigarette ends in three to five minutes while the glassing session runs around forty and a half hours of youth. In which many liters are absorbed in the lungs, the glass should be encouraged. “
Is it possible to quit smoking?
According to Dr. Javed Khan, it is difficult to stop smoking, not necessarily. In order to get rid of it, some medicinal and hazardous powers require intention, “The easiest way to leave cigarettes is to choose one day to not cigarette the cigarette.” There are medicines to overcome the signs that indicate signs of cigarettes, which are very helpful. That is why it is better to be determined to avoid it before getting sick. “
The prices of cigarette are being increased in Pakistan so that it is at least buying people’s power.
It is clear that in the year 2012, an act was applied to the government to control cigarettes or smoking by domestic power, according to which cigarettes have been banned in open places or in public places. It does not seem to be fully implemented on this law, however, the measures are being taken by the government to overcome it, For this purpose, the current government has increased the federal excise duty on cigarette and the notification of the increase in federal excise duty was issued on the cigarette before the approval of the Parliament.
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