Pakistan may Run Short of Water by 2025

Naveed Rind
Water scarcity is a Fast growing worry in Pakistan, and even more to worry is the unawareness and indifference among the masses also the regime towards this grim issue.
Pakistan has been enlisted among the 17 countries where the water reserves have fallen short if juxtaposed to population proportion. The Experts have warned that if immediate corrective measures not adopted sooner, stakes are high that country may fell prey to severe water shortage and drought conditions may result in the worst kind of famines ever experienced.
Pakistan council of Research in water resources (PCRWR) have also apprised on the severity of this issue. In a report it has estimated that Pakistan may just run short of water by the year: 2025. The report also states that we were among the nations where water resources started to fell short of respective population proportion by 1990, any by 2005 Pakistan was officially recognized as a water scarce country
In 1947, every Pakistani had 5600 cubic meter of its share in total available water resources that has only diminished in the years to come. Today we possess an individual share of 1000 cubic meter that has been estimated to go below 700 cubic meter considering faster growing population of the country.
Last year Institute for Policy reforms (IPR) prophesied that Water shortage will grow to be a more even stern menace for us if compared to the Energy crises or Terrorism. IPR also blames increasing water stress as the main cause of the decline in production in Agriculture for the financial year 2015-16. Experts suggest effective remedies to avoid approaching this fatal problem, they believe there is still time to save the country from further devastation
Utilize highest possible amount of rain water, water from Glaciers and Rivers
Underground Water should be only used a last resort in remote and higher level areas
Recycling water
spreading Mass Awareness on this issue also educate farmers & general public on efficient use of water
Use of Advance technology and science for water conservation
Increase dependency over desalinated water in areas nearing coastal belt

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