Factification: Setting the Record Straight

Balochistan Voices officially launched its Factification section today.
Factification is the section of Balochistan Voices where we set the record straight.
A lot is said and written about Balochistan. Most of which is not accurate. We use this section to factify the obvious misstatements made about Balochistan. We believe that it’s our duty towards our readers that we should rebut any incorrect thing said, written or broadcasted about Balochistan. So, when a major incorrect claim is made about Balochistan, we are there to factify it.
In recent times, we have factified an incorrect article of Pakistan leadings newspaper Dawn.
The story of dawn titled “Number of Balochi-speaking people in Balochistan falls” had an incorrect title. In fact the census data based on language spoken by people is not released so far. Balochistan Voices factified the article of Dawn and proved with facts that it was wrong.
Unpresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) had published a statement based on the aforementioned article of Dawn. UNPO took down their statement once they read the Balochistan Voices article which factified the Dawn’s article.
Likewise, Dr. Kaiser Bengali in Dr. Kaiser Bengali termed CPEC “Game Over” in an interview with The News on Sunday in September. When Dr. Bengali was serving at a government position he supported CPEC and when He didn’t have a position then He started calling it a Game Over. In the factified article Balochistan Voices proved the double standards about CPEC with facts.
These are just a couple of examples and Balochistan Voices will keep on factifying all incorrect claims made by Balochistan in the digital world.
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Adnan Aamir is founder and Editor of Balochistan Voices. He also works as an independent journalist covering politics, economy, and development. He is Digital Security Fellow of Reporters Without Borders 2019. He has also completed Chevening South Asian Journalism fellowship from the University of Westminster in 2018.