International Education Week of Balochistan Voices Concluded

International Education Week (IEW) celebrations in the form of publication of articles by Balochistan Voices concluded tonight.
The purpose of celebrating IEW was to raise awareness about some of the pressing problems of the education sector in Balochistan. Highlighting the problems ultimately leads to the generation of solution for those problems.
As a part of IEW, Balochistan Voices published 5 letters and 4 blogs. All the articles were shared on social media using the hashtag #IEWBalochistan17.
As announced previously, Balochistan Voices will soon announce the winners of the best letter and best blog for IEW. Name of winners will be announced on Balochistan Voices website in next few day.
Balochistan Voices received a lot of letters and blogs for its IEW. We could not publish some of them because either those were already published or those were not related to a specific topic.
Balochistan Voices intends to start a blog writing competition soon which will be shared with the contributors in coming weeks.
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