An Evening of Poetry at Cultural Club

Anwar Noor Baloch
 “Poetry means words, spirits, and imaginations”, with these words, Ishaq Al Khanjari, a young Omani poet inaugurates the poetic evening by welcoming the audiences from Iran and Oman at the cultural club, Qurum. The event has been organized by Cultural Club and Institute of teaching Persian language, Oman.
On left, on the stage, the Omani Music was beautifully and enthusiastically listened. “Music has no language and boundary”, said, one of the Persians audiences from the first row seats. It looked, he liked the Omani music.
The evening looked bedecked by poetic words instead of shining starts outside the hall. It looked like that stars were dancing within the poetic verses and thoughts. Once the hall became full, the poets (Omanis and Persians) had been called one after the other on the stage.
Sama Issa, one of the most famous Omani poets who write poems which always touch the spirits connecting the nature and universe. If someone would like to know about lyric poetry, then Sama Issa’s poems should be on lips. He was first to come on stage to deliver his speech and recite poems. He looked simple, humble and with fantasy thoughts.
Azaar Shab, the Persian poet was called next on the stage. “How would we understand if he speaks in Persian language?” I was asking myself. Surprisingly, he engaged all the audiences with his Arabic language with Arab accent. “The heart will not be called a heart if it doesn’t have love in it. The love will never exist in the heart, if there is no pain in it”, he began his speech with these lovely phrases. His talks of around fifteen minutes were on love, lovers and humanity. He urged the audiences to teach their children how to love and spread it. Within his own talks he mentioned beautiful poems of Hafiz Shirazi, Jamal-ul-deen Romi and Al Mutannabi.
Ali Al Rawahi was the third poet who has been called upon the stage. He was young and graduated from Sultan Qaboos University, as he himself mentioned. He recited some of his nice and metaphor poems which had been liked by audiences. The last poet was Khaqani Asfhani, the Persian poet. He recited poems in both languages, in Persian and in Arabic. “This poem is called a lie poem. There is no truth in it”, Khaqani surprised audiences.
The poetry evening was about renewing the relationship between Oman and Iran and the people of both countries. It was about a message of love that, if a person enters in the universe of love, he or she will overlook the selfless and materialism. The evening was about civilized Arabism and Islamism and how these to be understood as briefed by Azaar Shab, in the beginning of his speech.
More or less, it was about opening the mind’s gate through poems.  The evening reminded me one of the interviews of Abdullah Pashew an Iraqi Kurdish poet, under the title the poetry of truth, where he had said that “I cannot read a poem about bravery when its writer is a coward, I cannot talk about generosity when the owner is stingy and small.
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