The Jerusalem Gamble

Qamber Ali
Decades ago in the enlightened part of the world, there lived a creative and wealthy community. They were living a peaceful and glamorous life, until havoc wrecked upon them. The Nazi led campaign headed out to strip the Jewish community of their humanity in Europe. The Jews were hunted like rats and treated as a damned creature whose very sight one loathes. They stand witness to the capability of humanity in inflicting such vicious horror. This reign of terror was finally put to an end as the allied forces claimed victory. The Jewish community with sheer bitterness realized that Europe was not their home anymore, thus they must return to their ancestral land and claim to be its rightful heir. The western community, especially the UK and US, happily granted them this token of appreciation for the heavy and handsome price they paid.
Thus without the consent of the legal presiders, amid a large number of wretched protestors, the state of Israel was carved out from Palestine. The Jews had finally acquired their motherland, but on the expense of depriving many others of a fatherland. They were greeted with fierce resistance, but deeply below the level, witnessed not so long ago. Israel grew strong and proved to be undisputed. They finally had their own air to breath. Their numbers grew and with it grew a pursuit of annexing more air for greed. Time had now turned the once suppressed as a fiery suppressor. They ended up stripping the Palestinians of their land, leaving them nothing but despair.
The story comes to the point of Trump’s declaration of united Jerusalem (east of which Palestinians claim to be their capital) as the Israeli capital. Strong criticism from the many corners of this world found its way to this decision. Turkish president Mr. Erdogan’s calling of the OIC (organization of Islamic Countries) summit to protest over the decision and to declare East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine bore no fruit. Europe’s similar protests were of no strength either. China on the other hand has not been much vocal and issued an unclear and vague statement, neither accepting nor rejecting the move. Russia has taken no sides and decided to remain neutral as she enjoys cordial relationship with both the Arab world and Israel. Despite the window of opportunity opened to Russia in mediating a new peace deal and acquiring greater participation in Middle Eastern affairs, she decided to stay aloof. Russia fears of putting her fingers too deep into this issue. They have already got involved in the Syrian conflict and have maturely decided to end it there. The UN as stated by Trump, is obsolete and possesses no authority in taking any binding action. Although sheer anger and strong condemnation blazed from the Muslim world, yet the rivalries in the Middle East has cast a dark shadow upon it. Thus no power remains to act. Their loudness Marely remains to words.
Trump’s policies and unpredictable moves have earned him much notoriety around the current world. As his rivals silently glance over a distance, he simply goes on to fulfil his pre-presidential promises. Trump is altering many US policies and bringing his own customized ones. The US administration has previously been a strong supporter of the two state solution. They have long mediated the peace process but could never achieve concrete results. Palestinian Israeli, distrust and hatred has always halted peace negotiations. Their interests clash over the issues of security, refugees and Jerusalem. Trump, like his predecessors promised a solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict but fell short of his whole promise for now. His short fallen promise is only to inflict immense pressure on the Palestinian leadership to bow to his terms. Trump’s decision may spur a fresh wave of conflicts in the Middle East along with protests around the world, however he has many legitimate actors on his side to gain an upper edge. It is a great irony but Trump may be the only one to actually find a solution to the conflict. He may in time go ahead for a two state solution but only on his terms. Fearing a deterioration in ties with the US, no concrete action will be taken against Trump’s current decision. Palestinian leaders will see no sincere efforts from the world leadership and Trump may cease the opportunity and draw out a peace deal to mark it a victory and bolster about it in the next election campaign. Imagine a president who achieved what no other could.
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