Trump Policy Towards China

Guhram Shareef
Since Donald Trump has taken the responsibilities of the White House, U.S foreign policies have taken a completely new shift. There have been major shifts in containing China, which is so perplexed in nature.
Undoubtedly, Trump is a man of harsh speeches and such harsh wordings trigger his confusion with the policies.
Michael H. Fucha stressed in his piece that trump’s China policy was a “Paper tiger.” He believed that trump policies are completely ineffective towards China. Trump promised to get tough on China during his presidential campaigning but he is still perplexed regarding this issue. Further, Fuchs argued that the US-China relations have some roots, concerning on two major areas.
North Korea and trade, Trump lime lighted that bad trades with China were the main reason that rebuilt China. Such non-serious behavior by trump would generate new challenges for the US in containing China, which has already scattered the seeds of economic means throughout the world.
In another article, Ryan has argued that trump administration was still in search of a strategy regarding China. It is undoubtedly a blurred idea that how U.S views China. Some senior Officials of Trump administration believe that US-China relationship is based on constructive and result oriented means, including by expanding cooperation and seeking to avoid confrontation but on the other side, such harsh wordings by trump pose a completely different impression. Such impression leads to confusion that what kind of relation does US want to build with China.
In another article, Zhenhua Luan U.S correspondent stressed the harsh words of Trump. Trump showed his disappointment in China. Trump claimed that their some foolish leaders allowed China to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade. Such remark shows that his administration is disappointed with China for the North Korean cause. Undoubtedly, trump administration is worried about the North Korean recent nuclear and ballistic tests. US believe that China has a soft corner for North Korea. Such hostile and complicated relations propose serious threat and may force trump to take some hard measures which lead them to war.
The recent chapter that highlights the visit of trump to China is also much debatable. On one side trump criticizes China with harsh wordings, on the other side he plans to meet Chinese counterpart. There is no denying the fact that trump administration is very worried about Chinese rising role in the contemporary world politics.
Containment of China needs some impregnable policies which should not be perplexed with different views or policies. Trump administration needs some serious and sensible decision, which should be solely focused on China. US which are already preoccupied with hundreds of issues with different nations, needs clear and impregnable policies towards China which is already emerging as a titanic power.
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