U.S Ignoring Climate Change

Hira Annum
The issue which is rising with the speed of light and also dampening natural habitat is being ignored by the American government. The Americans encourage flow of wealth in markets but are sceptic to the issue of climate change and melting of glaciers, the global warming is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.
The role of American economy and its trend of neo-liberalism are widespread in the world. The neo classical economist argues that population should grow. Ultimately, this cause serves the interests of elites. Find out how?
The expansion of markets and the massive productions of commodities will expand the flow of money in markets. The growing population is in favour of markets, because the neo liberalists and democracy is producing the consumers not citizens. The growth of population ultimately increases the number of consumers. The Malthusian theory has well described this affect by putting light on the population explosion, this theory elaborate that the rise of population will increase the scarcity of resources.
The United States of America has incorporated the capitalism in world after demise of imperialism. This country is world third largest in population and size, emitting 17.62 metric tons of carbon dioxide per annum. The country also topped in methane emission, the emission which is three times more dangerous than Carbon dioxide. The population of America consumes large amount of beef, the forty percent of land in America is used for agriculture but the one third of that agriculture land is being used to build cattle’s farm. The cow’s waste includes methane gas and eventually the agriculture land of America is also participating in destroying the environment.
The Koch industries (American based) who are the demolisher of fossil fuels and utilize it for the production of energy, has got a say in the American domestic and international policy. Charles Koch has manipulated almost every sector in America and persuades his interest by bribing the media, the senate members and also Paul Ryan. He is a big shot, because Paul Ryan holds a seat which is very powerful, technically the second most powerful position after President Trump.
The country encompasses the diverse cultures, native America, Latin American, Asians and Africans. The citizens’ lives a lavish comfortable life; their energy consumption at home is eight times bigger than the usage of other countries. The country which has a responsibility to develop a substantial mechanism which can provide the best alternatives to reduce the issue of global warming, has only came up with one ineffective Environmental protection agency. This agency has not accomplished in maintaining the accurate ratio of energy production because of the interests of elites.
This whole system has sabotaged the lives in underdeveloped nations, the Trump administration pulled out from Paris Peace agreement, Kyoto protocol by claiming the environmental issues is only a myth. The other leaders wrote books regarding how it is a myth and benefit the Eastern countries. The United States of America has been through a lot of natural disasters in past, although many remote areas of America has not even yet restored as they were before the destruction caused by Katrina, IKE and Harvey.
The country which has emerged with the capitalist ideology and spread it widely, eventually it is deeply incorporated in the world. The ideology which has always been ignorant to the danger of environment degradation hampered the lives of people who are largely affected by the floods, storms and earthquakes. The United States of America has become vulnerable to the natural disasters. The civil movements are increasing in the country with the slogan of carbon taxation. This slogan derived by the idea of imposing taxes on the industries which are emitting the massive amount of carbon dioxide. The policy of carbon taxation has never been included in any accord settled to reduce the greenhouse gases, this is an evidence that how elites have a great influence in the institutions and international organizations. However, carbon trending is being practiced by the developed countries.
There are few citizens indulge in developing the renewable energy system in the America. Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization based in New Orleans and trying to produce the renewable energy. Hapless, these organizations are not funded by government. They are formed and funded by victims. The issue of environmental degradation needs a concern of the elites and American leadership because this country holds an influential position in the world; their trends are mostly adopted by the other countries as well. This planet needs nurturing and still there is a time to make better policies to mitigate the problem, which can restore the nature in its original shape.
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