U.S Troops in Heart Of Asia

Rida Asad
Afghanistan is a state that had been under the influence of powers due to its geographical position and it is also known as the heart of Asia. The pain in the heart thus effects the whole region. In the late 19th century the state became the buffer state in the Great Game between Russia and British Empire. Later the state after the third Anglo-Afghan war became free from foreign influence, this situation did not stay for long. During late 1970s, the country faced series of wars that devastated much of it. After the Soviet-Afghan war, the departure of Soviets, the state became Islamic state that was later encapsulated by Islam supremacist. After the War on terror stated, the forcible movement removed the government and pro-west government was introduced. The deployment of the military troops thus started when the United States invaded the Afghanistan and opposed by Taliban.
Looking towards the military troops in Afghanistan, currently handed over by third president of United States and when the Change in the power personnel, the Foreign policy influenced time to time. American troops were quite in power when the President G.W Bush had been pressurized by the public of United States to call the forces back but he was failed to do so. Then came President Obama with the mandate of settling the issue and withdrew the forces as there was huge domestic pressure. He suddenly withdrawn them, which lead to the empowerment of Taliban not in Afghanistan only but started badly effecting the other parts of the World. That chaotic situation further led to the more and more military deployment in Afghanistan to control the situation. Now the President Trump sending extra forces to Afghanistan but according to their military leaders; Mattis’ deployment of more troops will be far smaller than Obamas. This seems interesting as President Trump does not share the complete plan oh him on media openly.
The question that raised during the whole scenario that to what extent United States got success in the maintain the issue? Will United States able to withdraw soon or in the future? How the public response will be tackled? And what can be the under-carpet interest of the United States that may be served from this unrest? According to the writer’s understanding after a possible research, the states always go for the persuasion of their National interest and for that matter they make friends or allies or the enemies based on their best possible gain. Looking over the terrain of Afghanistan, the region is difficult to understand which was taken for granted by the United States at first, later it was felt as foolish act by the United States to enter in the area. There are many hideouts and region is mostly comprising of no plains rather mountainous. Only those who live there can best know how to win the area that United States had never even tried for. So far United States is failed in maintaining the unrest but are raising it. This unrest is basically in many ways in favor of the United States. As mentioned that Afghanistan has the very important location in the Asia, the region will stay unstable if this state will stay the same, United States never want any Nuclear power state or the power like China to rise as it would create the security dilemma for United States. Yet at the same time it shows that Afghanistan would be stable with the collaboration of India so to maintain its status quo it will not stop sending its army. Another important aspect cannot be taken for granted that Afghanistan is taken as the “The Saudi Arabia of Lithium” that has made it even more important, that is, the area contains enough of lithium and different other metals that can easily fulfill the requirements of the region. The United States will stay in the backyard of China so that these minerals may not be exploited by them and for long term to avoid the peace and unity in the region.
Other states in the region are also helping to eliminate the terrorism like Pakistan to create unity and end the hostility between them, But the President Trump is diplomatically playing with the situation, by creating deception so to avoid the domestic pressure and to carry the military positioning at the same time. Where Afghan government is also showing aggression by saying that terrorists will either surrender now or get eliminated, but analyzing the whole scenario it does not seem like resolving at least soon. The foreign policy of United States towards Afghanistan has never clear and cannot be clear in the era of Trump administration but at the same time statement of never lose hope will stay there.
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