Baloch have First right on their resources: Says Bilawal

In a muscle-flexing showdown, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) initiated its electoral campaign, under the chairmanship of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, from Balochistan where Hub, the industrial city of Lasbela, remained packed with supports coming from across Sindh and Balochistan joining one another in order to listen to their leader Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday.
In his maiden speech to the people of Balochistan, Mr Bilawal sympathized with the people of Balochistan promising that they (Baloch) would have right on resources of the province first if PPP won next elections.
Recounting the incidents of injustices inflicted upon people of Balochistan and evoking the sentiment of marginalization, Mr Bilawal said that he had also suffered a huge loss in shape of losing his grandfather and his mother yet he believed democracy was the best revenge for it.
“You (people of Balochistan) suffered pain, we suffered pain; you were abducted, we were abducted; you suffered injustice, we were deprived of justice. We have been same; they have persecuted us and we have demanded Pakistan always,” Mr Bilawal said.
In the wake of sudden political ups and downs in Balochistan, PPP has been alleged to have hatched a conspiracy to remove Mr Zehri from office after the visit of PPP’s co-chairman Mr Asif Ali Zardari to Balochistan where he held a meeting with Mr Quddus Bezinjo, current Chief Minister of Balochistan who was elected after CM Zehri’s ouster in a non-confidence motion put forward by ministers holding various portfolios.
Mr Bilawal Bhutto, however, brushed aside allegations levelled on PPP after the dramatic change in political landscape of Balochistan since after PPP’s co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s visit.
PPP, with its traditional rural politics, has started its political campaign from Balochistan where, after losing 2013 elections, it has a little or no say in political share given its low mandate.
Senator Muhammad Yousuf, in a bid to have a tit for tat answer—a usual part of political muscle-flexing, warned Captain (PTI Chairman Imran Khan) against using derogatory language and refrained himself from using the same language while standing amid women who had come to attend PPP rally.
PPP’s manifesto which Mr Bilawal revealed during address contained the list of reforms to contain the grievances of people of Balochistan enabling masses avail advantages of the resources first. Beside, the party also remained concerned about minorities in the country and also condemned religious fanaticism.
“Balochistan lies between gigantic mountains enriched in natural resources. Entire Pakistan uses its gas but the province itself has been kept in darkness,” lamented Mr Bilawal.
Provincial head of PPP Mir Ali Madad Jattak said PPP had always been the party which saved Pakistan and the party would remain the savior of Pakistan.
However, Mr Bilawal implored the people of Balochistan not to be part of foreign conspiracies in which Balochistan has been mired for a long. He said shoulders of the people of Balochistan have always been used for the foreign weapons.
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