Leadership Matters for Good Governance

Abid Baloch
The savviest pillar of the government is executive since it directly deals with the masses of that country through different departments, directorates and secretariats etc. However, in today’s Pakistan, the executive seems to be ineffective and dysfunctional. The foremost reason behind this slow pace of executive is deemed to be the lack of committed leadership and absence of the sense of ownership in the departments.
Leadership plays a pivotal role in enhancing and maintaining the performance of departments. In a broader sense, leadership is both a research area and practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual to lead or guide other individuals, teams or entire organization. The statement clearly demonstrates that the overall performance of the organization remains incumbent upon vision and then the practical steps by the leader of the particular organization or even a country.
Moreover, the departments of entire country in general and Balochistan, in particular, are suffering the wrath of the performance due the lack of leadership or probably the owner and other multiple reasons exist behind this widening chasm: the appointments to the key position on relationship basis and not on merit basis; lack of interest by those who have embarked upon on the administrative position; the overwhelming attitude and high officialdom and so forth. However, there still exist many departments of which leaders have done exemplary works for taking their taking departments to the reputable stages. Provincial Election Commissioner Balochistan is one of such examples.
Since current Provincial Election Commissioner (PEC) has assumed charge in March 2017, remarkable improvements have been in the working and performance of the Election Commission in Balochistan. The bye-elections i.e. PB-7, NA-260 and particularly the local Government Elections in most sensitive district Turbat, which were conducted under his decisive leadership, are counted as the best election in the history of Balochistan. Although some objections were raised by the PPP in the wake of the bye-elections NA-260, they proved to be baseless because the party was not bagging even 2nd number of highest votes and it was protesting even before the announcement of the unofficial result. And a video which was viral on social media was proved to be baseless because it had already been uploaded on YouTube in December 2013.
Furthermore, the establishment of official decorum and administrative affairs by him are also praiseworthy as described by an official of Election Commission on the condition of anonymity. The completion of Computerized Electoral Rolls System (CERS) first in Balochistan, conducting of the best Voters’ Day throughout Pakistan, the survey of polling stations, the execution of ongoing process of Electoral Rolls revision and heading of delimitation committee from Balochistan are remarkable achievements of the PEC and obliviously the department and the province would bear fruits of the hard work.
Lastly, the departments should be owned by the leader of that department if one really wants the departments to give performance. As said by the PEC Balochistan while speaking to newspaper reporter that he owned not only his own department but the entire province. His suit may be followed by the leaders of other departments and the sense of ownership may originate to make the departments thoroughly functional and effective for the betterment of the masses and the country as a whole.
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