Letter: Praise for Naseerabad Literary Festival

A literary festival was held in Naseerabad district starting from 21st February which is International Mother Languages Day. A praiseworthy was an effort made by the literary folk for the first time in Naseerabad district when they launched a literary festival with the aim to acquaint the people with cultural diversity and multilingualism.
A large number of writers, intellectuals, artists, academics, and poets belonging to the different cities of Balochistan participated in the literary festival. The literary festival was much praised by the locality and highly appreciated by the district administration as well.
There is no denying of the fact that such literary festivals promote linguistic and cultural harmony amongst the people. Such events are highly needed to save our culture and languages.
It is requested to the higher authorities to be cooperative with the literary folks in this regard in future.
Ahmed Ali Korar – Naseerabad
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