Letter: Electricity Crisis in Makran

Despite being an important Division of Balochistan province, Makran is facing a host of problems including the problem of electricity shortage.
Today electricity is considered one of the most basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter but still, we are deprived of it. Load-shedding is not only interrupting the work in factories and other workplaces but also unsettling the students to concentrate on their studies properly.
In Makran Division for some days there is been no access of electricity and still, it lacks it in this hot month. Children, old people, and others are in hot water since in most of the areas the weather is very hot to bear. The frequent power outages give rise to many difficulties; students cannot concentrate on their studies, children find it hard to bear the blazing weather.
This electricity crisis is only for the poor public. Leaders do say they give us jobs, schools, hospitals and CPEC bring development but I am very shocked to hear it, for the current circumstance itself describes the real picture of Balochistan’s development.
We request the government to take serious steps towards resolving this crisis in Makran Division since the problem has made life really difficult.
Munaj Gul Muhammad – Turbat
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