Letter: Lack of Science Departments in University of Turbat

The University of Turbat is the only university of Makran division and it provides a wonderful opportunity for the students of entire Makran to get higher education at their doorsteps.
It is unfortunate that the departments are very limited for the students. Presently, only ten programs are running in this university. Out of ten programs only chemistry department is available in science subjects for M.Sc program. It is one of the drawbacks because science students don’t have any choice to get higher education in their own area. Because of lack of science departments students are compelled to either change their choices or take admission in other cities.
Admission for the fall 2019 were recently announced and having no new science departments for master program.
The university administration and concerned authorities are requested to solve this problem as soon as possible in order to give more opportunities for the students in the field of education.
Mahjabeen Hassan – Turbat
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