‘Government of Balochistan Should Establish Libraries on Union Council Level’

Quetta: “Government should establish new libraries in every union council to get in touch with books and compete with the world,” said the speakers during the inauguration ceremony of New Chiltan Library and Study Circle at Quetta.
Gul Khan Naseer Baloch Head of Programs Azat Foundation Balochistan cut the ribbon to inaugurate the Library. Director Chiltan Library and Study Corner Adil Nazir Hassni, Jamil Ahmed, Shah Fahad, and others were also present at the occasion.
“Education plays a vital role in a nation’s progress. It needs to make friendship with Books. We should guide youngsters to come in libraries and utilize time,” said Mr. Gul Khan Naseer while speaking on the occasion.
Gul Khan Naseer addressing the participants
He added that before someone teaches our children the wrong subject we have to guide them about humanity. It is need of time to change our educational system and atmosphere in institutions. We should educate our children about out of course books. Students get a chance to share their knowledge and get different Books in libraries. Students are fond of books but they didn’t have a peaceful place for study in Quetta. Chiltan Library and Study Circe is a gift for the Nation. We can reap its benefits in near future.
Participants congratulated Adil Nazir Hassni, Jamil Ahmed and Shah Fahad for their initiative towards educated Balochistan.
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