Lack of First Aid in Rural Areas of Balochistan

Afsa Hidayat Zehri
The major issue in rural areas of Balochistan is health due to lack of doctors and other required facilities that should be given by the government. People face shortages of lady doctors across the province and other health issues in rural and remote areas.
Around the province, the health status of people in rural areas is generally worse than in urban areas. Critical factors in the relationship between poverty and health are population and environmental health issues. Many poor women from different rural areas of the province are dying during their deliveries because there are no such facilities to treat the women during their pregnancy. Consequently, the child and mothers die on the spot.
On the other side, damaged roads and transportation are also a reason that poor people can’t afford the fee of ambulances and other sources. The patients face more difficulty during travel from rural to urban. As a result, patients die during the journey before reaching the hospitals in Urban areas.
People of Balochistan are caught in poverty, ill health low productivity, even though being part of CPEC, the problems of the province are not being solved. Many villages have no ambulances to transport patients to hospitals. Patients suffer in case of most common illnesses such as malaria, hepatitis, typhoid, pregnancy due to availability of healthcare in the rural areas.
Government of Balochistan should provide ambulances to people of rural areas so that their patients can be taken to hospital emergency departments on time. Therefore, I request from Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal and also from the federal government to ensure the presence of lady doctors and first aid facilities in rural Balochistan.
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