Letter: Transport System of SBKWU Needs Improvement

Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University (SBKWU) is the only women’s university in Balochistan. SBKWU is a good place for the women of Balochistan to get an education in a complacent environment. Many females have achieved their goals through SBKWU. It is a blessing in disguise for the women of Balochistan to get a free environment in such unfavorable conditions. The exorbitant fee structure has caused multi-dimensional hindrances in the way of education. Besides it, the transport system in many universities is a huge issue. Likewise, students of SBKWU face the same problem every day.
SBKWU has more than twenty buses for the ease of students. Sixty percent of the students go by bus, ten percent goes by vans and others go by local buses. However, the vehicles change but the situation remains the same. The University buses are overloaded with students and most of the drivers do not agree to drive twice. Female students sit at the stairs of the bus. When the buses start moving from the stops, students stuck with the bus that can be threatening.
Vans are, however, an optimum option but many students cannot afford the fee. Another case is of the remaining majority who travel by local buses. They are again over-crowded and students rush to get seats. Bus no 17, 2, 28, 15, are the most crowded buses.
This letter is to convey the message to the concerned authorities to look after this matter. Since it is a matter of education and such events can lead to an accident so vice chancellor, transport section must discuss and drive a solution to this issue. The number of buses shall be increased or the drivers must go for double shifting.
A Student of SBKWU – Quetta
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