Ban on Diesel and its Impact

Hassan Baloch
On 18 October 2019, the office of Chief Secretary of Balochistan issued a notification in which he directed all commissioners, deputy commissioners and police officers of all districts of Balochistan to take action against the smuggling of Iranian petrol and diesel oil. This decision was taken after an accident took place near Kalat in which Commissioner Makran Division Captain (retired) Tariq Zehri was killed.
According to the spokesperson of the government of Balochistan, many vehicles have been detained which were carrying diesel, after the notification. According to the sources, action has been taken against the smuggling of Iranian petrol and diesel.
In Balochistan, there is not any other source of income, that is why people are doing this for their livelihood. In Balochistan, especially in Chagai, there is no other work that people would do for their livelihood, except to bring diesel and petrol from Iran. It is the only source through which they provide two meals a day for their families. After the ban on diesel and petrol, there may be the scarcity of work in the area. Ban on this business is not the solution of reducing accidents. If the government is serious about countering such incidents, then it must double all the roads of Balochistan. Then the incidents may be countered.
The effects of this ban are very common. Many people will get jobless after the ban. People who were busy with this work may go after the illegal work. They may get involved in terror activities because of unemployment. The request to Chief Secretary of Balochistan is to take his notification back, and the prime minister of Pakistan and chief minister of Balochistan must get serious about doubling all the roads of Balochistan to avoid such incidents.
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