Health Department Balochistan Needs a Communication Unit

Imdad Baloch
Communication is the primary part of any field because it bases on information that is developed by professionals of that field with certain scientific methodologies of translation, explicating and advocating for results. The media representatives, frontline workers, and general people always do not understand the jargon or technical terms, which are used by professionals of certain fields. This makes the information unclear and causes of creating chaos and mistrust among departments.
This information unit can utilize platforms of social media, which is very common and accessible to the majority of the influential and very economical way to convey the correct message at the correct time, to further avoid propaganda which the department of health is currently facing.
This unit also can perform as Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) unit to spread health authentic awareness messages, practices and bordering available foods and resources. National Nutrition Survey (NNS) shows that the Makran region is having the prevalence of the highest iodized salt usage dietary intake, then other parts of Balochistan which fall moderately iodine-deficient region. The reason is the economical and easy availability of Iranian salt. Iran is one of the countries which is having reliable food fortification practices.
In the department of health, particularly, a unit for information should be created to inform people through a team of professional people, having knowledge of sociology, human psychology, interpersonal relationship with channels of communication such as, media houses, representatives, activists, and knowledge of using social media handlings.
In Balochistan, The World Bank, WHO, and other UN agencies are working with their primary mandate to help the Government of Balochistan. PPHI being the largest primary healthcare services provider may also initiate this important unit in its structure.
The writer is a Hubert Humphrey fellow.
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