Nushki: Killers of a Stripped Hyena Penalized for First Time

Tariq Jamaldini
This is not the first time atrocious human killed an animal in the region, but the recent story of stoned to death a hyena in Nushki, Balochistan, have scratched everyone’s heart if they are true human beings. This is the first time social media surfaced the crime.
Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area but not in terms of development. It covers at least 44 percent of the land of Pakistan has rich mineral resources but with highest number of poor. The poor dependent mainly on agriculture and livestock. So, they are concerned about the safety of their cattle, that’s why they consider every wild animal their and their cattle’s enemy. As a result, they kill score of wild animals which are going to be extinct in the near future like a rare cat, called jungle cat, lives mostly near wetlands.
The place where the Hyena was killed in the area of Zanginawar, a deep lake and a heaven for the migratory birds. The lake was deserted by the influence of landlords and tribal chieftains which had blocked the water channel flowing in the lake. The lake life is reliant on the floodwater flows from Quetta and other adjacent areas to Zanginawar.
A huge amount of diverse species and migratory birds stay in this enormous lake during the winter season. They are also shot fearlessly by the hunters which play the shooting game excessively. Every second person in the region is a hunter which leaves a little chance for the birds to survive.
Around this wetland numbers of other animals are attracted but they are killed by the trigger of a gun or by the near villagers. This local region remained a hot hub for wild animals like jackals, foxes, wolves, sand cats, and others. On one hand, the ecological destruction dispersed them, pushed them to safer places. On the other hand, they met a black fate when encountered with humans.
Similarly, the villagers ended the hyena, spotted and stripped and are on the verge of extinction. Due to their unawareness, the locals killed a number of wild animals but the scene of killing this stripped Hyena was most tragic and scratched every soft heart. They, Stoney heart, not only killed it mercilessly but visually captured their brutality. In the video, they are stoning a helpless, hurt Hyena and calling to one another “that hit in his backbone and right in the middle head” in Brahvi language. They and the hyena taking a long breath in the scene. The cutthroats uploaded the video on social media proudly, not knowing that it will be a trap for them. The viral video caught the attention of high officials in the Quetta, which passed orders to the district officials and they appended the killers. Charging a fine of 45,000 rupees to each of three culprits, the district judicial magistrate also penalized them with three months of prison sentence.
This is not the first time a human killed a wild animal in the Nushki, but this is the first time someone has panelized the criminals in this case. The credit goes to firstly, the social media, which surface the incident, secondly, to the brave judicial officials who penalized the criminals.
Moreover, through social media, we can bring awareness about the protection of wildlife which is in danger. Due to ignorance, the people are destroying the ecology of the wildlife which results in the death of birds, animals, and other species. In the recent case of Hyena, a lot of people defended the culprits in their comments on social media which shows a greater threat to the wild animals we have to face.
A lot of others in toxic animals like foxes, salamanders, geckos, rodents beside others killed for different causes. The foreign manipulators visit the region having a theme of “catching different animals for money” that lures the locals and they chase and catch them unknowingly.
The bigger stakeholder for the protection of wildlife is almost dead, not playing its role in the district, i.e Forest and Wildlife Department. People cut the tree and wild animals alike but not being noticed, both are fading out from the district, disturbing the ecology and fauna. In the recent and the other cases that have been reported, the department showed no interest in the protection of dying species.
Yes, the above said the department should join hands with the civil society for the protection of wildlife and make aware the locals about its importance and protection. The department can use social media, as it is the most vital and influential tool to fight against ignorance and then the stories like the killing of Hyena will not be revised.
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